About us

Mission and activities of the association “Human Rights in Belarus”

The association ‘Human Rights in Belarus’ was founded on July 9th, 2004 in Berlin (Germany). It’s mission is to support individuals and initiatives engaged in the implementation of human rights, the rule of law and democracy in Belarus. These rights are as well elements of the constitution of Belarus as items of international agreements Belarus has signed. For this task the association supports the following:

  • Briefing of the public on violations of human rights in Belarus
  • Lobbying at governments, parliaments and European institutions in order to reach a systematically and continuous promotion of the civil society in Belarus
  • Publication of yearly strategy papers on the political development in Belarus and documentation on the situation of human rights in the country
  • Support of NGOs in their advocacy for victims of political repression and victims of the juridical system in Belarus

The association’s proposition is to strengthen the self-discovery of the belarusian citizens and to support their freedom of self-determination, education, professional capabilities as well as their joint responsibility in social issues.

A change in awareness in the belarusian sopciety is the precondition for a takeover of European values and their implementation in a self-determined way. It must be the aim of our efforts to convince the people in Belarus from the merits of open societies in the areas of political dialogue, economic developments and welfare services.

The association ‘Human Rights in Belarus’ is a non-profit organization. It only sponsors exclusively and proximate charitable purposes. The membership is open for individuals and corporate bodies.

The board consists of four representatives: Stephan Malerius, former head of the Belarus office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Stefanie Schiffer (CEO of the ‘European Exchange’, Berlin), Christoph Becker and Denis Friedrich.