Call to end violence in Belarus – start a political dialogue under the auspices of the OSCE

Published by Menschenrechte in Belarus on

The presidential elections on August 9, 2020, took place under massive political pressure and contrary to Belarusian laws and international commitments. The ongoing state violence and detention of protesters against election rigging violates the Charter of Paris and the values ​​of democracy and Human rights in Europe. They are shaking Belarusian society and endanger security in Europe.

The undersigned organizations support the latest initiative of the Presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, to initiate a political discussion process in Belarus. We join the call to establishing a round table and starting a political dialogue between progressive groups of the Belarusian government and representatives of the opposition and civil society in Belarus. Groups in government willing to change should be addressed and invited to join this process. The round table should be organized under the chairmanship and mediation of the OSCE and the EU. The parties involved should develop a mechanism for holding free and internationally monitored elections with the aim of forming a democratically elected parliament and a government legitimized by elections. All political prisoners in the country must immediately be released.

Stephan Malerius, Human Rights in Belarus e.V.
Markus Meckel, German-Belarusian Society e.V.
Stefanie Schiffer, European Exchange gGmbH
Jörg Forbrig, German Marshall Fund of the United States
Marieluise Beck, Center for Liberal Modernity
Ralf Fücks, Center for Liberal Modernity
Stefan Melle, German-Russian Exchange (DRA)
Michael Georg Link, MP
Oliver Kaczmarek, MP
Rainer Lindner, german-belarusian society / Minsk Forum
Peter Liesegang
Siegfried Ludwig, Freundeskreis “Neudorf -Neubrow am Bug”
Andreas Umland
Nataliya Pryhornytska, Stv. Vorsitzende der Initiative für Wissenstransfer, Empowerment und Kultur e.V.
Monique Sauter-Neher
Ursula Stark, Politikwissenschaftlerin
Dirk Troendle
Werner Bossert, Vorsitzender des Vereins Kinder von Shitkowitschi – Leben nach Tschernobyl e.V.
Irina Franken, Potsdam
Astrid Sahm, International Center for Education and Exchange (IBB)
Fred Dorn
Christian Seibel
Özgür Karatag
Peter Kolb
Justina Spangeleviciute
Andrea Gawrich, political scientist
Detlef Kleine
Christian Seibel, Die Falken Bochum
Björn Wolf
Marion Gronstedt
Carolin Becker, Der Paritätische Hamburg
Anna Ziener
Yuliya Trukhan-Buracheuskaya
Ruben Biewald
Astrid Scheuermann
Ekaterina Firago
Timo Anschütz
Heike Sabel, “Gemeinsam in die Zukunft” e.V.
Ralf Höffken, Sozialdienst evangelischer Männer e.V.
H.-Rüdiger Kühn
Joachim Beckmann
Heinz-Georg Ackermeier
Hajo Trux
Hansjörg Müller
Julius Zentz
Klaus Ehm
Edgar Brehmer
Horst Voigt
Katharina Otto
U. Engling
Günter Schönborn
Oliver Tettenborn
Tobias Münchmeyer in the name of Greenpeace e.V.
Franziska Schulz

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